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Still kickin'

Here is a small crayon drawing my ole buddy Dave McCowan made of me when I was about 35 years old. I had a group that met at my house every Tuesday night.  I was single parenting and the kids would go to Nan's on Tuesday night. I would make a meal, we would drink, smoke(but never inhale), listen to rock and roll, tell jokes and lies and have a great time together.
I made all my pots on a William's kick wheel. The William's wheel can still be purchased used here in Ontario rather cheap as they are big , take up a lot of room and the motor on them is puck driven and can be noisy if you use the motor. I love these wheels and would have another if I could get it down the basement to my studio. I loved to give the wheel one good kick and trim a cup or bowl.  The wheel slowing appropriately. I think everyone should learn on a kick wheel as it teaches you to slow down. I find the main problem with  teaching most students today is speed. They put the pedal to the metal. Slow wheel…

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